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Puppy Dog Indoor Odor Control Scented Housebreaking Training Pee Wee Pad And Mats

X-large size puppy training pee pads, for large dogs
Ultra absorbent, super absorbent,
Grid quilted, odor control,
5 layers, leak proof.
with adhesive stickers

  • PP6090-PR
  • OEM, Customer's own brand
  • 96190019
  • China, Zhejiang
  • anti-slip, super absorbent
  • all day use
  • Ningbo, or Shanghai

pet pads title

       - Product Description -                                                                                           

Our Training Pads are made with advanced technology that converts liquid into gel and locks in moisture.
Training Pads are a convenient and easy way to train your puppy. They help simplify the house training process.
They feature plastic backing and sealed edges to protect your floors.
Training Pads are ideal for indoor dogs, puppies or sick dogs that can't be walked during the day. 

Product   Desp.

 Super absorbent Pet Training Pee Wee Pads, X-large size,  

Pad Size (WxL)  60cm x 90cm (24"x36")
Wegith per pad  Total weight 60~80gram (±1.5g), adjusted, be customized. 
SAP contain   4.0~7.0 gram per pad
Absorbency   800~1400ml per pad (pure water)
Pad Layers   5 layers, Leak-Proof
Main   Material  soft non-woven fabric, Tissue Paper, GP brand Fluff pulp (GP cellulose), SAP    (super absorbent polymer, Gel-Tech), PE Film,  Hot-melt glue,  
Package   material

  color printed polybag with customer's own private brand,

  corrugated export carton. 

Packaging   (Ref.)   10 pcs/polybag,  12 bags/carton;  or customized. 



宠物垫6920x20mm emboss

8x8mm emboss


        - Packaging & Shipping -                                                                                     


Different Package styles available.

OEM is available. Welcome customer's own private label/brand.

** You can use Colored printing PE polybag, in own private label,

** or use Clear bag + color printed cards, in your own brands,

** or use colored boxes, the box packing is always for 50count, 100count, 200counts packing.

pet pad pk loading shipjpg.jpg

Packaging Procedure:

Flat pads folded according to requirement, --> then into packing bags based on required quantity, such as 10pcs per bag; -->and then put into master cartons, quantity also specified in the product standard. --> after QC inspection, --> goods will be stored in warehouse; --> When shipment booking done, we do container loading and goods on the way to destination. 



Pad Size L*W


Pad Size L*W


Total Weight (gram/pc)(+/-2g) SAP/pad (g) pcs/bag bag/ctn

Carton size


33x45 13"x18" 15 1.5 100 6 540*445*320 365CTN = 219,000pc 885CTN  = 531,000pc
45x60 18"x24" 30 2 20 12 400*400*320 550CTN = 132,000pc 1330CTN = 319,200pc
60x60 24"x24" 34 2 30 8 580*410*245 480CTN = 115,200pc 1165CTN = 279,600pc
60x60 24"x24" 40 2 14 12 420*295*410 550CTN = 92,400pcs 1340CTN = 225,120pc
60x60 24"x24" 40 2 50 4 420*295*440 520CTN = 104,000pc 1250CTN  = 250,000pc
60x60 24"x24" 50 4 10 12 580*410*170 690CTN = 82,800pc 1680CTN = 201,600pc
60x90 24"x36" 60 4 10 16 580*410*260 450CTN = 72,000pc 1110CTN = 177,600pc
60x90 24"x36" 70 5 10 12 580*410*250 470CTN = 56,400pc 1140CTN = 136,800pc
60x90 24"x36" 80 6 10 12 580*410*260 450CTN = 54,000pc 1110CTN = 133,200pc
71x76 28"x30" 60 5 50 4 510*380*390 390CTN = 78,000pcs 900CTN = 180,000pc


        - COMPANY BRIEF INTRO -                                                                                   


  •   Established in 1997,

  •   Professional manufacturer and exporter,           

  •   Locate in Hangzhou ( the G20 Summit city) ,            

  •   17 auto production lines,

  •   ISO, FDA, CE certified

company intro 21.jpg3_04.jpg

       - Certificate & Test Reports -                                                                                 

ISO9001, FDA, CE, etc


Inspection and test done by SGS, 3rd inspection lab, etc


Xiaojiemei Health-care, Your Trustworthy & Reliable Supplier.

 Warmly welcome clients all over the world to visit our factory for further business negotiation!

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